The purpose of this site is to host “pCARS Telemetry” a telemetry logging and analysis application for Project CARS.

This site and the hosted software has no affiliation with Slightly Mad Studios or Project CARS.


26 thoughts on “About

  1. One question does this application work on Console, I am a Playstation 4 player and just wanting to know if this will work. On a side note really good job guys this app really looks like a must have for car geeks like me who really want to go in depth with their statistics on their cars and tracks


    • Unfortunately it does not work with consoles. The reason is that there are restrictions on the connectivity and network traffic allowed by the manufacturers. Still, we can hope that this will be resolved one day.


  2. does this app works in real time connection with pcars game? local server , remote, etc ?
    like vrhive?
    or it is only for analysis of saved logged data ?


  3. i see in gui (on right down corner) , that you have two cells with connection to server and connection to pcars.
    how can i connect on server (and what do you mean “server”) right now the only server that i can set is from vrhive app.
    also when i press the connection manager , i get connection manager TBI.
    where can i set my server ip ?
    i need to run the telemetry app on my laptop in my lan.
    thanks and regards


    • As mentioned the version on the front page right now is just a preview of a development version, therefore it hasn’t got all the functionality The release version, which will be up this weekend, has the client/server included. The server is a small program that you run on the same PC as Project CARS runs on, and it allows a number of clients to connect over the network.

      I run the app on a laptop on the side myself, connecting to the server on my sim-PC. This is probably the best setup.


  4. thanks . i think that if the app working over lan (from laptop and not localy) , we need a 32 bit version because we need to use our old laptops for telemetry….
    i hope that you understand what i mean

    Thanks and regards


  5. the 32bit version is not working. It says : pCARS_Telemetry.exe – corrupted image………
    C:Program Files\pCARS Telemetry\MSVCP110.dll either not designed to run in windows or contains an error…….


  6. Pardon me for my ignorance, but I don’t seem to be able to connect a client running on a separate laptop to the server which is installed with ProjectCars. Both are in the same LAN. Must I change any parameters like IP address or ports?


  7. i was wondering if you would be willing to allow other people to write an app to connect to your server. i have a project to build hard ware gauges and would like to connect to your server app
    any way i love your program thanks for the hard work.


  8. Can I use this app to record qualifying and race results for the whole filed, just not only my car?
    We are running a DS and whenever somone does a disconnect, the final are lost in the final results. So real time logging is the only whay I can see that we can get good data.


    • No, it will only record telemetry data for the players car, I’m afraid. There isn’t detailed telemetry info available for the rest of the field.


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